Marketing Engineering for Your Brand

I'm Tan Cruz, a business solutions architect and investor from Australia with over a decade's experience. My business solutions and focus on "the client" have attracted a portfolio of MNC companies including government agencies. I thrive on being the change agent and finding the missing links in fostering continuous improvement in business activities. My key interest is in the area of marketing engineering for brands. If you're an entrepreneur, you might have realised by now that in order to create a life's work out of what you love to do, marketing your brand is non-negotiable. You might be thinking, I'm a technical person, not a marketing professional, My business is always beaten on price, Blame it on the economy or I'm old school. I'm here to show you how your business can get maximum results with minimum resources.

Utilize Technology

We are living in the most fortunate time in history that would make our forefathers envious. Just over a decade ago, our phones were not as smart and neither were Facebook and Twitter around. Whether you like it or not, technology is just going to grow exponentially from here. In 2001, futurist Kurzweil predicted that we won’t experience 100 years of progress in the 21st century — it will be more like 20,000 years of progress. So you can either sit and wait to get wiped out by the next financial crisis or ulitize technology to give your business the best chance to thrive.

Global Talent

Going digital has meant acceleration in globalization. If you think that your competition is merely local, think again. Talent mobility is now an important element to staying competitive and innovative. As an entrepreneur, you can now access talent from across the globe. Productivity tools have also made it easier to measure your return on investment. The key is to find the right fit with the right resource to access such talent. Over a decade, I have the knowledge and expertise on how to maximize results for your business via global teams.

My philosophy is simple

If there are three sides of your story - your story to the world, your true story and the story you want to be, then you're living with regret. Due to my varied life experiences, I have an uncanny ability to see things as a glass half full yet with much pragmatism. As such I am better able to discover overlooked possibilities and undervalued assets. My excellent ability to pre-empt future scenarios, make quick and accurate contextual judgements, communicate and collaborate with energy enables me to lead effectively. If your business is stuck in a rut or you're looking to advance your business, I can help you get there through performance optimization (i.e. maximum results with lesser resources e.g. time, expenses, people etc.).


Your company's brand is what people truly think of your company in the sanctuary of their minds and hearts. How your brand resides in consumers has the causal effect of how they interact with your company.
- A brand is the intangible that outlives the tangible - Tan Cruz. Start investing into making your brand a memorable one.


Local onshore costs can kill the mojo of your business. Just ask the 44 businesses that close their doors each day in Australia mostly due to overwhelming costs such as local wages, leases and other operational costs not to mention the local red tape.


The face of marketing has evolved since its conception, The Marketing Company Era in 1960. With the advent of digital communication and social media, companies no longer hold the power of industry knowledge as close to what they had previously. Whether you're a professional working for a company or whether you own the company, the question you should ask yourself is, are you marketing like it's 2017?

Start building your brand today

In business, procrastination can be your worst enemy. Start acting on the areas in your business that need your attention and action now. Stop fooling yourself into thinking that you're a perfectionist, that's code for, I'm trying to buy myself more time. We've all been there. Forget perfection. Launch now and make improvements as you go along. Pick up that phone and make that deal, set up your social media pages, get together a task force to support your marketing needs, still don't have a website in 2018? then launch one. Just simply do it.