about me - business solutions architect & investor

Career Snippets: Tan Cruz is a business solutions architect, investor and believes in being a global citizen. She is involved in direct philanthropy work as she loves seeing the direct results of such work. In line with her passion to help abandoned kids, she uses her leadership to give back to disadvantaged kids particularly in developing countries. To learn more about her, feel free to read about her journey to becoming a business solutions architect below

i offer

I will help you by showing you how to:
Build a systematic way to market your products/services.
Give you clarity on the marketing strategies and tools that will help you close more sales in the new economy.
Utilize best practices in outsourcing to fuel your profit.
Harness the power of below the line advertising to create more impact.
Create raving fans via branding.
Increase productivity so you can focus on what's truly important.
Build a vision for your business and life that will excite you.
Plus more.

why choose me

I've bought the service, been the service and sold the services so I understand all 3 sides of the story.
I've directed work for Fortune 500 clients.
I will work with you collaboratively to create an immediately actionable plan to increase your sales and profits.
There is no charge to start off by having an initial chat with me about your business.
I'm a no nonsense professional who will not buy into your excuses as I actually CARE.
You'll have access to my global teams thereby eliminating the single point of failure challenge.


We're all works in progress though I believe it's imperative that we always strive for excellence in whatever we do. Failure is part of the journey. It's what you make out of failure that determines your path be it as an individual or an organisation.